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I am smart and sensible and ready start a new life in Dallas. I’m ready to show off my business sense and show ‘em what I’ve got in my presentation at one of the largest conferences in Texas. But my plan hits a snag before I even leave my hometown.

My flight is delayed to the next morning so I make the best of it at the airport bar. Where I’m rescued from a conversation with a creep by a tall, gorgeous guy named Ryan who owns an up and coming lawn and garden service about to spread all over the state. One thing leads to another and we share a no-strings-attached, hot and heavy, one night stand in the airport hotel.
It was sexy and sweet and perfect except he accidentally takes my cellphone instead of his own in his rush to get to his flight. Was it really an accident? Was he just another creep who now has the codes and passwords to ruin my life in his hands? I am on my way to the most important event in my life without my notes, my calendar, any way to contact anyone.
But I do have one thing. HIS phone. And access to all of his secrets. His very messy secrets..
I’m a business consultant, not a life coach. I’ve barely got my own personal life together, how I can I possibly help get Ryan’s domestic and business messes straightened out?
Does he even want my help, or just another romp in a hotel room?
I don’t have time for this after acing an interview at a great company. The boss’s son is more than a little hands-on.
I wanted no-strings attached, a tangle free new life.
But now I’m all tied up…

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Chapter 1


The ice tinkled as it slowly melted, diluting the double Crown I hadn’t ordered. God, I didn’t want to go home. I really, really didn’t want to go home. Mom would want to listen to my lecture if I did it at home, and there was no way in hell I wanted to put on a show like a five-year-old. She would be cooking now, which meant she’d have plenty of time at the dinner table to ask why I didn’t make my flight and when the next one would be. And why did I smell like a bar?

Screw. That.

I spun the glass, then downed the drink.

I cringed, blinking as if that would cure the burn blooming in my chest. When the bartender set another double in front of me, I sniffed, catching a heated look from a man at the end of the counter. His deep-blue flannel shirt enhanced the broad frame hiding beneath it. The last thing on my mind was romance, but the pair of hazel eyes glinting under the dim lights had other thoughts. Obviously. It wasn’t as if I didn’t have time, but it meant that I couldn’t prepare before my first session at the conference tomorrow. Stupid flight cancelations. I took a smaller drink this time, hissing as the cold whiskey burned my throat.

“You’re thinkin’ long and hard over there,” a voice said, almost causing me to choke on my next sip. I glanced at the stranger who bought me the drink, but as the whiskey’s haze settled in a soft veil over me, I realized the words came from a different man who drew a sip from his beer two seats over.


“Miss your flight?” He scratched his full beard and angled toward me. I opened my mouth to answer, then a figure slid into the seat between us.

“May I join you?”

The sound was like dark silk, and I almost shuddered at the smile accompanying it. It was Blue Flannel from down the bar. I offered a polite smile and a nod as he made himself comfortable and set his glass on the counter, neglecting the napkin the bartender had slipped toward him moments before. He brushed his shirt. It was ironed too flat like he was used to wearing button-up shirts and pressed pants. I was tempted to look at his pants to see if he wore jeans and if they had iron creases in them too.

“Are you looking for conversation?” I barely met his gaze, the green in his eyes more vibrant now.

“Nah. The seats over here just looked more comfortable.”

I snorted a laugh, sputtering into my glass as the whiskey shot into my nose. I heaved, sputtering again and wheezing out words that weren’t words at all.

Blue Flannel rubbed my back as if that would do anything, and I tried to swat him away as I gasped for fresh air. My breath tickled my throat, sending me into yet another coughing fit. I inhaled slower, clearing my throat and squeezing my nose to help the burn dissipate.

He was laughing, brushing back his blond hair and dragging his hand down the side of his face. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think I was that funny.”