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The Assignment

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Penelope Ward

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From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new standalone novel.
Reasons why I should not be drawn to Troy Serrano.
Number one: He’s obnoxious.
Number two: He and I were enemies over a decade ago in high school.
Number three: He’s my friend’s ex-boyfriend.
I could go on and on, really.
When my boss gives me an unwanted assignment and tells me it involves spending time with the grandson of one of our residents—the grandson turns out to be Troy. He’s now as successful as he is undeniably handsome.
Lucky me. Four hours a week of having to deal with his insufferable personality and unsolicited advice. The only consolation is getting to stare at his annoyingly gorgeous face in between our many arguments.
Eventually, though, we slowly warm to each other and our outings become something I actually look forward to. What’s happening to me?
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Penelope Ward


“What’s up?” I asked my supervisor, Laura Rowlings, who’d just called me into her office.

“Remember last weekend when Louie Serrano went missing?”

I worked at Horizons, a home for the elderly, as the activities coordinator. Mr. Serrano was one of the residents. Last week, his adult grandson had gotten a slap on the wrist for violating facility rules.

“Yeah. I wasn’t working that day. But I heard it was a circus. The grandson broke him out of here?”

“Yup.” Laura nodded. “Took him for a joyride without clearing it with management. We thought Louie had wandered away somehow. Then the grandson brings him back here like it was nothing. He knew about the policy. Didn’t even pretend like he didn’t. And it was the second time he’s pulled something like this.”

While I didn’t personally understand why it was such a big deal if someone took a family member out for a bit, I did know the facility had a strict rule about getting clearance first. Mr. Serrano’s grandson absolutely should’ve gotten permission, but people around here were treating this like he’d broken the old man out of prison. More often than not, the people who lived here had no family members visiting at all. So it seemed strange to vilify someone for paying attention to their loved one. I thought the whole scenario was kind of cute, to be honest.

“Does that situation have something to do with why you called me in here?” I asked.

Laura sighed. “Yeah. Apparently, this grandson has moved back to Meadowbrook from Seattle to look after the grandfather in his father’s absence. The man’s dad—Mr. Serrano’s son—is traveling around Europe for a few months. This guy insists his grandfather needs to get out on a more regular schedule. He’s now got permission from Nancy to take him out twice a week at designated times without having to clear it first, so long as he brings him back by a certain time.”

“The way she was ranting about what he did…” I shook my head. “I’m surprised Nancy accommodated his request.”

“Well, she was mad until he came in the next day and formally apologized. This guy is quite the looker, and pretty persistent—cocky but charming. I saw him when he went in to talk to her. I think Nancy fell for him a little.”

I rolled my eyes. “Okay.”

“But because he can’t be trusted to stick to the rules, given his past behavior, Nancy said she would only allow the regular outings if we sent along a chaperone from the facility who can make sure Mr. Serrano is safely returned on time.”

It suddenly hit me where this was going. “Let me guess…I’m the one who gets to babysit the bonehead grandson?”

“There’s no one else we can assign. You’re the only nonessential staff. You’ll just ride with them and stay in the background.”

“When does this start?”

“2 PM this afternoon.”

What? I looked at the time on my phone. “Not much of a warning. That’s in ten minutes.”

“I know. I’m sorry. She forgot to let me know about it until a little while ago. I’ve already canceled the singalong you were supposed to do in the dining room at three.”

I looked down at myself. Even though I wasn’t medical staff, the center wanted me to come to work in the same garb the nurses here wore. Scrubs weren’t an essential clothing choice for an activities director, but I liked the fact that I didn’t have to choose an outfit for work—kind of like school uniforms back in the day, except much more comfortable. However, it also meant that today I’d be venturing around town in a pair of scrubs covered in the Disney character Goofy.

The one consolation in all of this, I supposed, was that Mr. Serrano was one of my favorites. He was incredibly friendly and had a sharp and speedy wit. I wouldn’t mind spending time with him.

I dashed to the bathroom and ran a comb through my straight, light brown hair. I hadn’t gotten a haircut in more than two years, so my tresses fell to just above my butt.

After freshening up, I made my way down the hall. I had no idea where we’d be going and found myself a little nervous to meet this grandson who’d supposedly charmed our tough-as-nails facility director.

When I walked into Mr. Serrano’s room at 2 PM sharp, I was surprised to find him alone.

“Hey, Mr. Serrano.”

He was sitting in his wheelchair, ready to go. “I heard you’re gonna be my chaperone today, Aspyn.”

I chuckled. “Well, I think it’s your grandson I’m technically chaperoning.”

“He’s a good kid. Well, not a kid anymore. He’s twenty-nine and a professional. Makes more money than I ever did. But I still see him like a boy. He’s a good guy. And if it sounds like I’m trying to sell you on him, you’d be right.” He winked.