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Am I a sweet prince, or terrible devil?Why not both?

My name is Prince Sebastian Force, and my entire family was killed before my eyes. I would have been slain too if not for the only loyal knight in the castle carrying me off and saving my life. Sir Lucan is brave, brutal, handsome - and a lot older than me. He is everything I am not. I love clothes, jewels, and… men. But no prince of the Kingdom of Force is suffered to be gay. I know if Lucan had any idea of the desires I harbor for him he would abandon me immediately. So I must be strong, even though I am the weakest I have ever been. Everything has been taken from me. My family. My castle. My crown. Now I am hunted like an animal, forced to live like a peasant, and facing certain death if Lucan ever leaves my side. The knight has no patience for my spoiled tastes. When I defy him, he whips me. Perhaps I should hate him for that, but… I love him. I need him. And I am terrified of what will happen when he discovers who - and what, I really am.

The Devil's Son is a dark MM forbidden love age gap romance set in a fantasy world. Recommended for mature readers only.

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Eighteen-year-old prince Sebastian Force tiptoed through his own castle feeling every inch the spy. He passed courtiers who would normally have bowed to him, but barely cast a glance his way and felt a thrill of glee as he realized his disguise was working. He passed through the outer areas of the great hall, where his mother and father were holding court. Often he would be by their side. But not today.

Today, the prince was taking his destiny into his own hands. For years he had asked to be given military training. The Kingdom of Force was famous for its knights, men and women braver, bolder, and more adept in the art of combat than any other military personnel on the continent. Soldiers and warriors came from all over the Continental Kingdoms to be considered at these yearly selection games.

It was Sebastian’s greatest shame that he had never so much as been permitted to pick up a sword, let alone train with the great knights he would one day command. It was his mother who stood in his way. First, she said he was too delicate. Then he was too precious. Then he was not temperamentally suited to military activities. Then he was outright banned from asking, though she called it nagging.

Now he’d taken matters into his own hands. In an act of delicious thievery, if one could steal anything from a place in which everything already belonged to one, Sebastian had taken the uniform of a would-be squire and managed to find a leather helmet that covered most of his face. Finally there was nothing stopping him from joining in at the training the knights held for those who came from the rural areas of Force. They were looking for raw talent in the rough, men and women who might otherwise spend their lives tilling the land and tending pigs rather than being given the opportunity to train for the glory of king and country.

He knew that a session would be in progress when he arrived. Being prince and having a bird’s eye view on the entirety of proceedings came in handy that way. He had watched these trainings for a very long time, and he was almost certain that he knew how to do everything they did better than they did. He planned to impress the knight leading the training today.

Sir Lucan.

Every single one of Sebastian’s fantasies revolved around his father’s greatest friend, and the most powerful knight in the land. He daydreamed about being picked out of a line of peasant boys and being chosen as Lucan’s personal squire, leaving his personal rooms, and instead being quartered at the foot of Lucan’s bed. A squire’s life was not an easy one. They were subjected to hard work and serious discipline. But they also had unceasing contact with their knights. Sebastian had often imagined how it would be to undress the big, brawny older man, reveal his muscles and his scars, and explore every inch of the knight’s body before being taken to bed and thoroughly ravished. By day, Lucan would make him strong. By night, he would make him feel deliciously weak in all the right ways.

Sebastian knew his desires were highly unlikely to ever come to fruition. Nobody of any note in the Kingdom of Force was gay, for starters. The notion of men being with other men was deeply scandalous and often brutally punished. Lucan would no doubt have taken a wife if not for his dedication to the crown. The fact that he was notoriously single did allow enough space for the teenage prince to inject his fantasies, but that was all they were.