The Firefighter’s Curvy Nanny (Courage County Fire & Rescue #1) Read Online Mia Brody

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As a single dad firefighter, I was only looking for a quick fling. Then the curvy woman from last night shows up. Turns out, she’s my new nanny.

Dancing in the club’s competition was just a silly way to blow off some steam. I didn’t think that pretending to be Fireman Stern would lead to anything.
Then I meet innocent Lucy, the blushing birthday girl who just turned twenty-one. She’s sitting in the front row looking downright delectable and I want to devour her. So, I pull her onto stage with me and give her a birthday gift she won’t soon forget. Besides, it’s not like I’ll see her sweet curves again after tonight…

A lap dance isn’t exactly what I had in mind when my best friend offered to take me out to celebrate becoming a grown woman.
But I can’t deny that the dancer is yummy. After hours, he gives me a very special birthday treat.
It was just one night. Or so I think until I show up for my new job as a nanny for a single dad and find my boss happens to be Fireman Stern. His hose is definitely bigger than I remember. But with a past like mine, can I really take a chance on love with this big, burly firefighter?

If you’re in the mood for a funny, sexy firefighter romance with a tattooed single dad, then it’s time to meet Lincoln in The Firefighter’s Curvy Nanny.
Meet the Courage County Fire and Rescue crew. These filthy firefighters are commanding alpha males here to make your dirty fantasies come true! Each sizzling romance read features a
hunky fireman and a curvy woman with combustible chemistry.
As always, there’s NO cheating and NO cliffhangers. Get your swoon on with a guaranteed HEA from Mia Brody!

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Watching my bestie stick her tongue down a bouncer’s throat before we’re admitted to a place called Club Cocky is not my idea of fun. But it’s my twenty-first birthday and according to Scarlett, that means I need to go out and celebrate becoming a grown woman. Apparently, the way we celebrate this is by watching sweaty men gyrate across a stage. It doesn’t exactly strike me as sexy.

I’d rather be in our hotel room and going to bed early so I can finish reading the mountain man romance on my tablet. I’m pretty sure that the stoic hero is going to tie his best friend’s little sister to the bed and do dirty things to her body.

“I wish I had your confidence,” I tell Scarlett as I follow her into the strip club and ignore the sign announcing it as ladies’ night. I’ve never been in a club before and I blink in the sudden darkness. I’m way more introverted than she is. Plus, I have no experience with guys or dating.

After my dad passed away when I was ten, everything changed. My mom fell apart and went into a deep depression. I spent the next eleven years taking care of her and I’m just now moving out on my own.

Sort of on my own. I’ll be a live-in nanny in a small town soon. With the money I’ll save by not having to pay rent, I can finally start saving up for college. I don’t know what I’ll do with a degree, but I’ve always liked school and learning.

“I’m not confident.” I try to take a seat in the back booth, but she scowls and grabs my arm. She pulls me toward a different table, one that’s in front of the stage where a man wearing a cop’s uniform is thrusting his baton. Yeah, that one. Looks like I’m going to get a front row seat to tonight’s debauchery whether I want it or not.

She pushes me into a seat and hands me some crinkled dollar bills. I don’t know where she got them, but they already have body glitter on the surface. She wiggles her fingers at a cute guy, and he appears. She rattles off a drink order and adds on two waters when I give her a warning glance. She knows I don’t want to be hungover tomorrow. We still have to make the drive from Asheville where we’re crashing in a motel for the night to Courage County, the town where I’ll be living.

I’m thankful that she’s come on this road trip with me. As soon as I told my bestie I got the job, she was already mapping our trip. She’ll drop me off tomorrow and she’s already me promise to call her if I decide I don’t like the job.

But I’m not too worried. I went with a reputable nanny company and I got the call yesterday that I was placed. Normally, there’s a lengthy interview process where you have a video meeting with the parents.

This was a sudden placement as the previous nanny had a family emergency and wouldn’t be able to start her job on time. The agency managed to send me a little paperwork on the kids and hopefully, I’ll be able to bond with them quickly.

Since I’ve been working in a day care for the past three years, I know how to handle young kids. Plus, I’m excited about getting the chance to meet Leo and Lyla, the four-year-old twins I’ll be looking after.

“I’m not confident,” she repeats again with a shrug that shows off her bare shoulder. Now, she’s digging in her oversized bag for something else. Like me, Scarlett is a curvy woman. But all of hers are perfectly proportioned. I’m flat as an ironing board up top and all fluffy belly and chunky thighs after that. “You just have to pretend when you’re with a guy. You fake it until you make it.”

I think about what she said. I’ve always just assumed her confidence was natural. I never thought it was something she was faking or something she has to work at. My tone is filled with curiosity when I ask, “And that means sticking your tongue down the hot bouncer’s throat?”

“Sure! Did you see his beefy arm muscles?” She produces a sash from her enormous bag. I manage to catch the words ‘Birthday Girl’ in hot pink glitter before she’s slipping it over my black blouse and beaming at me like a mother whose child just won the beauty pageant.

“I don’t—this is not—you know how I feel about this stuff,” I mutter. I want to take it off, but this is Scarlett. She’s been there with me through everything and I wouldn’t hurt her feelings for the world, so I sit here in the sash and pretend it’s not annoying. Maybe if I’d had a normal childhood and teenage years, this whole thing would be more exciting. Most days, I already feel more like I’m seventy-one instead of twenty-one.