The Good Girl (Nashville Neighborhood #5) Read Online Nikki Sloane

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What are you supposed to do when your best friend's little sister—a classic good girl—asks you to help her go bad?

You should say no.

You shouldn't pretend to date her so she can piss off her parents.

You definitely shouldn't agree to take her virginity and show her all the experiences she's been missing out on.

And you really shouldn't keep it a secret from her brother, the one who's your best friend and business partner.

But I don't always make the best choices. In fact, I can be kind of a dick sometimes.

And I know if I don't do it, someone else will . . . and I can't have that. If anything, it means I get to be the good guy for once.

I just wasn't prepared for how gifted this good girl would be at going bad.

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My best friend Colin was a porn star. He’d been with his girlfriend for more than a year now, and they’d filmed all sorts of crazy stuff together, sometimes with different people too—or so I’d been told. I’d do nearly anything to support my friend and business partner, but I drew the line at watching him fuck.

It didn’t bother me what they did. Good for them, I’d said when I’d found out.

Plus, his side hustle of creating adult content was what was helping get our business off the ground. The plan was we’d be partners, sharing the work, but he was the money backing us, and I’d promised myself to never forget that.

His adult work especially didn’t bother me today, because his girlfriend Madison was hot, and she must have invited a friend to join her at the group graduation party my dad was hosting.

The original plan had been a joint party for my dad’s girlfriend Cassidy and me since we had both graduated from Vanderbilt, but Colin had graduated from Davidson University the following week, too. His parents were dicks and had disowned him after they’d found out he was doing porn, so we’d agreed to include him.

My dad and I had done more for him than his parents had the last few years. I was an only child, which meant he was as close to a brother as I could get. So, I was glad this joint party worked out.

It was good not having to split it with just Cassidy, too. Less chance for people to focus on the fact my dad’s girlfriend was graduating at the same time as his son.

She wasn’t just the same age as I was—she was also my ex.

God, that felt like a fucking lifetime ago. I tried not to think about it, not just because it was weird as hell she was with him, but mostly because I’d been a bit of a shithead back then. I liked to think I’d come a long way since then.

I stood on the back patio beside the hot tub, ignoring the rest of the partygoers who were scattered around the pool, and the Congratulations banner flapping in the breeze. My gaze sharpened on the hot brunette lingering beside Madison.

I’d clocked the girl right away when she arrived. She’d hesitated for a moment at the gate in the wrought iron fence that surrounded my back yard. There was a black gift bag with a graduation cap on it and gold tissue paper dangling from one of her hands, but she looked like she wasn’t sure she was in the right place.

It was nice she’d brought a gift, but we grads had agreed no presents or cards for this party. It wasn’t family here—just friends—and most of them were college kids who didn’t need to waste money on dumb shit. I’d rather they saved their cash for the bars downtown. We’d planned to head to Broadway tonight, and every place on the busiest street in Nashville had overpriced drinks to gouge the tourists.

I’d seen the girl first, but Madison waved at her, and the girl smiled brightly. Then she pushed through the gate and moved quickly to her friend, who was alone. Colin was probably still inside the house, stuck in an inescapable conversation with Steve. We were barely friends with him in high school. The dude had never been great, and he’d somehow gotten worse over the last four years.

I’d been forced into inviting him when one of our mutual friends had mentioned the party, and Steve had gone after me like a dog with a fucking bone. I knew I should go inside and rescue Colin from him, but I was much too interested in Madison’s friend.

From where I was standing, I could only see the girl in profile, but that was more than enough for me to check her out. Her hair was a dark brown, curled in loose waves that went halfway down her back. Her green tank top wasn’t low cut, but it was glued to her body, so it flaunted her small waist and nice-sized tits.