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Her hands shake as she pulls the bow off and rips the paper.

“A box that size was a bitch to find. Apparently, they’re only supposed to only hold delicate jewelry. But I know a guy and he came through in a pinch.”

She gazes at me before she lifts the top of the red velvet box and screams. “You’re fucking crazy!”

The box drops from her hand, and a perfect human heart rolls down the aisle and right under my feet.

“Why don’t you come here and give me a kiss?”

“This is a church, Cas!” she cries.

I smirk. “Can’t think of a better place for a holy union. Declan’s on a job, but if he was here, you’d have yourself a holy trinity. I’m not gonna tell you again, Sunshine. Get your big, sexy ass over here, right now.”

She rises, and for a second, I think she’s going to do as she’s told. But then she runs.

“Oh, Sunshine!” I call. “That was a terrible thing you just did. I was going to reward you for being a good girl, but it seems you’d rather be my bad little slut.” I turn to Lorne. “I love a good hunt.”

I chase after her while Lorne adjusts his pants. I feel a little bad that I stopped his face fucking session, but this will be worth it.

“This is a church, Cas. People could walk in any moment!” she yells. “Trust me, you don’t want to fuck me right now.”

“Of course I do, Sunshine. I would fuck you twenty-four-seven if your pussy could handle it.”

“No, you don’t. I’m on my period.”

I drop the knife and practically fly over the pew until she’s trapped in my arms. “Oh, Sunshine, you just threatened me with a good time.”

I don’t wait for her to reply. I yank her pants down and shove her back, pulling out her tampon and tossing it behind me. Pushing her knees apart, I press my nose against her cunt and inhale the sweetest scent I’ve ever come across. Sunshine’s bloody cunt.

Chapter 31


Every muscle in my body tenses. I’m mortified. I’m not sure what I should do because the idea of having someone’s face between my thighs while Aunt Flow is in town isn’t the most comforting notion.

I jolt as Cas slaps my pussy. “Can you fucking relax?” His head peers up in between my legs. “Can a man eat in fucking peace?”

“I’m not sure this will be good for you.”

“Lorne, shove your cock in her mouth. She’s talking too much again.”

Lorne glides the tip of his cock along my lips, “Open wide, sis. Big brother wants to give you a present.”

Why is that hot? He’s not my brother. My dad married his mom five minutes ago, but the words are so damn filthy that I might come. My mouth falls open and Lorne glides between my lips. Giving a blow job upside down is interesting.

“You know what, Noelle? A good fuck is what you need. You think too much. Always stuck in your head.” Lorne grips my throat with his tattooed hands, holding me firmly as he pushes his cock to the back of my throat.

My nose hits his balls. I can’t breathe, but I don’t care because Cas’s tongue on my pussy would be a fantastic way to die.

I wrap my legs around his neck, holding his head firmly between my legs. His large hands grip my ass, pulling my pussy closer to his face. So close that I wouldn’t be surprised if he suffocated.

Cas’s tongue moves to my opening as his thumb and forefinger pinch my clit. My body stiffens and feels like Jell-O at the same time. Cas moans as my thighs tighten around him. I can’t hold on anymore.

Lorne pulls out of me, and saliva falls from my mouth as I gasp for breath. He bends and places a punishing kiss on my lips. “Little Snow,” he murmurs.

My eyes close. I’m lost, consumed by Cas’s tongue. Time stops and I’m transported elsewhere, somewhere tempting and treacherous.

My eyes flash open as pain shoots through me. Crimson gleams from Lorne’s mouth. He smiles as his fingers glide along my lips. “There. Now your lips are red as blood.”

With those words that should place nothing but fear in my heart, I close my eyes and come.

Chapter 32


Cas lifts his head and stands. He looks ridiculous. His face is covered in blood, and he’s sporting a goofy grin like a child who’s outsmarted a parent to get what he wants.

“From now on, when you get your period, you’ll sleep in my bed. I’d also like it if you free bleed. You can stay in my room, and I’ll get anything you need. You only have to keep your legs open and let me tongue fuck that bloody cunt all day.”

Noelle bolts up. “What? That’s seriously messed up. What’s wrong with you?”