The Hunt – Darkly Ever After MMMF Read Online Mila Crawford

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That’s when I scream again, coming again just from his filthy mouth. “I’m coming, Cas. I’m coming.”

“That’s a good little slut. Always giving Daddy that hot pussy juice.”

With a vicious groan, Cas goes lax and roars his release.

Before I can even catch my breath, Declan replaces Cas. The piercings on his shaft are brief explosions in my pussy with every rung he pushes inside of me.

He brings his head down to my neck, “know why I got this piercing?”

“No,” I pant as my hands grip his shoulders and my nails dig in. “But I’m not complaining.”

Shivers glide along my body when he laughs. “I was in exile my entire life, always wanting to find home. No matter how hard I would try to climb out of despair, I would always stumble and fall. Until you. You’re my Jacob’s Ladder. You’re the dream that saved me.”

My heart constricts as tears fall down my face. My beautiful Declan.

I close my eyes and get lost in his rapture, and surrender to the bliss.

“How full of awe is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven. Lorne was right. You’re the key to paradise.”

And with poetry on his lips, he fucks me into oblivion.