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(The Boyfriend Diaries #10) The Naughty Party

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I met him at a naughty party where people do more than just *play.*

My friend invited me to a party one summer.
 It was supposed to be just another shindig with drunk boys and lots of beer.

But when I got there, my eyebrows went up because this wasn’t just any get together …

This was a party where people were doing *that* in full view.

My jaw dropped to the floor.
 My inhibitions flew out the door.

And soon, I was doing *that* too. Hunter’s got wide shoulders, a broad chest and a Tall Boy that makes my mouth water.
 OMG, it was so wrong.

How could I?
 But now, it turns out that Hunter’s my stepbrother.
What do we do now that I’m expecting his baby?
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The Boyfriend Diaries Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



“You’re joking, right?” I ask, half-wondering if I misheard her and half-wondering if all the non-stop partying has finally made Jenny lose her mind completely.

“Come on, Frankie,” she says, a wicked grin already spreading on her pretty face. “Don’t tell me it doesn’t sound interesting.”

“‘Interesting’ isn’t the word I would use, Jenny,” I reply, hoping my tone conveys my skepticism. Interesting is how I would describe a new exhibit at the art museum. Interesting is how I would describe last semester’s class on the ancient Roman legal system. It’s not, however, the word I would use to describe a massive house party being thrown on the other side of town, on a night I would normally spend catching up on my Netflix queue and drinking my weight in Diet Coke.

“You’re seriously not even a little curious?” Jenny presses, staring at me with her big blue eyes. Jenny Pack has been my best friend since grade school, the vivacious counterpart to my more reserved personality. As time has passed, that difference between us has only seemed to grow, but that hasn’t stopped us from remaining fast friends through the cliques, drama, and gossip of first middle, and then high school. And now she’s doing exactly what she always does: trying to rope me into her shenanigans.

“Jenny,” I say, leaning back on the couch, “just because you don’t want to go by yourself, that doesn’t mean you’re dragging me along.”

“Hey, I never said that,” Jenny protests, feigning offense as she sweeps a lock of platinum blonde hair out of her face. She’s curvy, like me, and carries her weight like a plus-size model. I, on the other hand… Well, let’s just say there’s a reason I haven’t ever gotten naked in front of a guy before.

“No,” I reply, examining my nails, “but you were going to. You were gearing up for it. I can tell.”

“Damn, Frankie,” she says, crossing her arms, “you really know how to take the air out of my sails, do you know that?”

“Well, someone has to,” I shoot back, grinning at her, and she returns my smile.

For all our differences, Jenny and I banter as well now as we did when we were kids. I think that’s part of the reason our friendship lasted after high school. We’re opposites, but in a way that complement each other. Jenny is outgoing and vivacious, whereas I’m nerdy and introverted, but it works out. We still have a lot of commonalities, even though I left for college while Jenny’s stayed here in our hometown.

Plus, college has been a boon to me. I’ve always been fascinated by history for as long as I can remember. Back in school, when the other kids were doodling in textbooks and passing notes, I was always the one asking questions, writing things down, and engaging with the material. That’s not to say I’m a genius by any means, but it was what solidified my desire to go to college somewhere with a killer history program. I ended up leaving my childhood home to study at Berkeley, while she stayed here in Granite Heights to attend community college and party her ass off.

Not that I can blame her or anything. If I had half of Jenny’s charisma and charm, or half of her comfort in her own body, I would probably be out there partying with her. But I don’t. I’m just a curvy twenty-year-old girl with mousy brown hair and, in my opinion, equally dishwater brown eyes. I’ve never had sex - never even had a boyfriend, actually (unless you count Dylan Rogers back in fifth grade, but that lasted all of about a week). So far, I’ve stayed away from the social scene, maintaining a small group of friends but otherwise keeping to myself. Sometimes, I wonder what the other girls are doing: the wild ones who always seem to come home with flushed cheeks and their hair askew. But then I get into another good book, and the wondering stops. They’re probably having too much fun, while I’m still safe with my Heathcliffs and Mr. Darcys

Which brings us back to the current situation. Jenny is staring at me again, like she’s sizing me up, and I can feel myself starting to itch under her gaze.

“What is it?” I ask. “You’re giving me that look again.”

“Oh, nothing,” Jenny replies, staring out the living room window. Her eyes still have that glint in them. “I was just thinking how unfortunate it would be to miss out on an opportunity to hang out. You know, since it’s your first week back and everything.”

“Oh, jeez,” I say, rolling my eyes. “Don’t tell me you’re pulling the guilt trip card. We’ve got the whole summer, Jenny! We-”

“Come on, please? I know this really great party going on.” All pretenses are out the window now. She’s begging me at this point, and I can already tell she’s not going to let it go. “Just for a few minutes. We can show up, check it out, and if we’re not feeling it, we’ll leave. Let’s at least try. Please?” She puts her hands under her chin, batting her eyelashes and eliciting a chuckle from me.