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Their Summer Intern

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Zoe was only planning to work for her powerful stepbrothers, Jacob and Bridger, until she could gather enough cash to take the adventure of a lifetime. But the first time all three step-siblings are in the same boardroom together, an entirely different adventure begins to take shape. One that’s a little twisted…and a lot satisfying. Zoe struggles against letting these formidable men overwhelm her too completely, but they’re more than willing to fight the battle until she surrenders…and becomes theirs forever.
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Jessa Kane



My stepmother’s heels click ominously on the marble floor as she leads me down the pristine white hallway of Onasis Enterprises. When I arrived this morning to begin my employment, Catherine’s greeting wasn’t exactly maternal. But what can I expect after my father left her to party his way across Europe? He left me behind for his scorned wife to deal with and I should be grateful she’s giving me a job at all.

“Um…” I hurry to keep up with her long stride. “Where are we going? Are you showing me to my desk?”

Her laugh is cold, but she softens it with a wink over her shoulder. “Oh, darling Zoe. You won’t need a desk for the position I have in mind.”


Onasis Enterprises is an extreme sports gear manufacturer. From shark diving to bungee jumping to base jumping, they have it covered. Basically, if you don’t want to die, you purchase your safety equipment from Onasis. They’re a worldwide brand and there is no one better. Hence this immaculate thirty-story building they call headquarters. Also known as my new place of employment, though I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet.

“I’m taking you to meet your stepbrothers,” she says, causing a hitch in my stride. “Bridger and Jacob. You’ll be reporting to them.”

My pulse skips. I’ve never met the two powerful men who run this company. They didn’t even attend the wedding between our parents. But I’ve seen their faces in magazines. And my father liked to refer to his new stepsons as “cocky bastards.” I’m going to be reporting to them? Hopefully they don’t hold my father’s behavior against me, like Catherine clearly does.

It wasn’t easy for me to call Catherine and ask for employment. My father did treat her deplorably—in fact, he’s still treating her that way. Their divorce isn’t even finalized. It’s kind of hard to track my father down to make him sign papers when he never stays in the same place longer than a week, the irreverent vagabond.

I will gladly suffer through Catherine’s dislike, however, as long as I get a decent paycheck. I don’t plan on staying in Colorado forever. As soon as my bank account is comfortable enough, I’m hitting the road. Seeing the world. If my father passed one thing on to me, it’s his wanderlust. Colorado is beautiful, but I want to see Machu Picchu. I want to dance on tables in Paris and raft down the Li River in China. The walls of this office building are already closing in on me and I’ve only been here long enough to fill out employment paperwork. I should only have to suffer through a year of pantsuits and my stepmother’s disdain, then I’m blowing this joint.

Catherine stops in front of frosted double doors and opens the right one, gesturing for me to precede her inside. Girding my loins to meet the two men who will no doubt loathe my very existence, I glide past her and stop in front of the glass receptionist desk. This is an office inside an office. There are three doors just past reception. One on the right, one on the left. One to the rear.

“Would you please ask Bridger and Jacob to join us in the conference room?” Catherine says to the woman behind the desk, before herding me along to the door in back.

I try not to gawk once we’re inside, but the conference room is massive. The walls are made entirely of glass and overlook the winding river. A gleaming, black table with two dozen chairs fills the space, identical notebooks and pens placed in front of each chair.

“Have a seat,” Catherine says, her smile tight.

I’m pulling out my chair when Bridger and Jacob walk in.

All the air is sucked from the room.

In a word, they’re dynamic. Powerful energy wafts off of them and almost knocks me back a step. Amazing that they could each have such a profound effect on me when they’re so different. Uniquely their own. Both of them are in expensive, black, tailored suits. Both of them wear a scowl, but that is where the similarities end.

Bridger is the older one. He’s divorced, if I recall correctly. Cobalt blue eyes, black hair, though salt and pepper are just beginning to show at his temples. He’s in ungodly shape, his suit jacket opened to reveal a white button-down molded to his muscled chest.

Jacob is younger, but no less intense. He inherited his mother’s dark blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Tattoos peek out above his starched collar, the cuffs of his jacket. His energy is more restless than his older brother’s. Untamed.

They both draw up short when they see me and their interest is unmistakable, even if they both manage to hide it fast. Bridger makes a low sound and Jacob sets his eyes on my breasts, his teeth flashing a little. And that tells me they have no idea who I am. Maybe they’ve been too busy conquering the world to realize they even have a stepsister. But if they knew we were related by marriage, they definitely wouldn’t be sizing me up like their next meal.