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Three Weeks of Hedonism (Forbidden Fantasies #59)

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S.E. Law

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It was three weeks of pure hedonism in his arms. Ed’s my mom’s high school boyfriend, but he became something much, much more.

Susie: I needed a place to stay when the dorms shut for winter break, so my mom called in a favor from her old high school flame, Ed Turnbull. It’s a terrible idea, I know. Not only are we strangers, but Ed’s also gorgeous when we finally meet. The older man’s got big hands, a broad chest that makes me drool, and a certain something that I’ve glimpsed coming out of the shower. Even better, I’ve decided to tease him … by wearing tiny short shorts and flimsy tank tops while parading around his apartment!
Ed: This is sheer torture. What was Nanette thinking? My old girlfriend sends her DAUGHTER to stay with me for three weeks over Christmas break. Not only that, but Susie’s buxom, sassy, and so goddamn young, not to mention a f*cking tease. She thinks she’s going to get away with it, but she’s not because I’m a red-blooded man with needs … and those curves were made to be worshipped until Susie’s pregnant with my baby!

This is a follow up to Claiming His Babysitter. When our story begins, our heroine’s in a bad place. The dorms are closed and she’s literally a homeless waif, begging for mercy from the older man. But nothing in life is free (that’s a theme in my books!) and Ed demands something for putting a roof over Susie’s head – her innocence, not to mention a sweetness that makes him crazy with need. Strap on your seatbelts because you’re in for a wild ride! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.
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Forbidden Fantasies Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



I love my mother, Nanette. She gave me life. She raised me, fed me, made sure there was a roof over my head. All in all, she’s a great person.

But man, is it exhausting to talk to her.

“Mom, I don’t see why you insist on trashing my clothes during every conversation.”

My mother huffs indignantly. “I’m not trashing anything, sweetheart, I’m just making a friendly suggestion, that’s all. All I’m saying is that it wouldn’t hurt to put a little effort into your wardrobe. After all, how are you going to find a husband to provide for you if all you wear are t-shirts and jeans? They’re so stained and old, and you look like a ragamuffin.”

I look down at my outfit, but the thing is that we’re on a video call, so she can’t see below my shoulders. Where is Nanette even getting these comments? I could be sitting here in my panties, for all she knows. But I put on a patient face.

“Maybe I don’t need a husband to provide for me. That’s why I’m at college, remember? So I can provide for myself like a strong, independent woman who’s able to stand on her own two feet.”

My mom scoffs, waving one bejeweled hand in the air.

“Nonsense, Susie. You’re in college to prove a point, and you’ve proven it, okay? I know that you’re smart and you don’t have to hammer it in with every conversation. But you have to get real, sweetheart! No man wants to be seen with someone who could be mistaken for a hobo, and a dirty one at that. Now, start putting on those skirts I bought you, and maybe a corset too. Then, spend some wandering the halls of the law school and try to strike up a conversation with one of the male law students. They would make for great husbands, I’m sure.”

I roll my eyes. “Yeah, but I don’t want to find a rich husband. This isn’t the seventeenth century, Ma. I’d rather get married for love.”

Nanette’s snort is quite unladylike.

“Love doesn’t exist, darling. Trust me. I’ve tried.”

I roll my eyes.

“Being on your fourth husband doesn’t automatically make you a love expert. Or an anti-love expert, come to think of it.”

Nanette flips a coil of long, blonde hair over her shoulder.

“No, but it proves a point. Your father and I were barely married two years before he took off, so I had to survive. I know what love is, and what it isn’t too, and trust me, do you really want to live in a cardboard box with the man of your dreams? That’ll get old really fast, I assure you.”