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A growly, possessive CAVEMAN has me trapped in his harem. Will I succumb to the pleasure?

Jasmine: This guy is obviously a pervert. I don’t care if Logan Daniels is filthy rich because what kind of brute keeps a harem? We’re in America, for crying out loud, and things like that don’t happen here. But Logan is irresistible with his brooding stare, bulging biceps, and the body of a Viking. In fact, I caught sight of something hard and massive down below, and now … I can’t wait for a taste.

Logan: Jasmine’s a little young for me, but the innocent girl needs a roof over her head, and she knows what she has to do to get it. What neither of us expected? That the curvy girl would be a fit for my brutish tastes … and take over my heart in the process.

Come again? How can a man have a harem in this day and age? Aren’t there laws against this? But Logan Daniels knows what he likes, and right now, he wants the sassy, feisty young woman who’s snuck into his home! Press “Read” now to enjoy this sizzling romance. This book is a follow-up to Maid for Love, but as always, my books are standalones and can be read in any order. This story contains questionable scenes and is not intended for sensitive readers. HEA guaranteed.

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I stare up at the ceiling of my bedroom as I lounge against the silk cushions on my mattress. The colors of the fresco are breathtaking, and when I first had it designed, the artwork filled me with satisfaction because it confirmed that yes, I had indeed made it. I was officially “The Man.” People looked up to me. Respect hit me like a tidal wave whenever I entered a room. After all, who else has ceilings like this? Kings. Oligarchs. Billionaires. Me.

But now, it’s just meh. I suppose it’s the human condition because people can get used to anything. Lottery winners get accustomed to their lavish mansions. Nobel laureates look at their medals without any emotion. Playboys lose the thrill of the chase. Now, I’ve become desensitized to my mansion and the fancy furnishings inside. This shit cost over eight figures, but lately, there’s been a heavy weight lodged in my chest, making it hard to motivate. Even worse, I shouldn’t be bored at this particular moment because there are two beautiful women in my bed, doing their best to spice things up.

“Mmmmh,” moans Kitty as she sucks my cock, her tongue making delicate circles around its swollen head. Once, that would have brought me to the brink of orgasm, but lately, I find it harder and harder to enjoy stuff like this. Morgan, the woman lying next to me with her perky tits in my face, makes a mewling sound.

“How about some grapes, big boy?” she purrs, noticing I’m not especially into what’s happening. “Would you like that?” Before I can even nod, she slips a grape gently into my mouth, and I mechanically chew, letting the sweet juices coat my tongue. Meanwhile, Kitty cups my balls as she sucks a little harder and faster, and I can tell she’s making a real effort to make me feel good, so I try to focus. I close my eyes and let desire build inside me as the girl giving me head increases her tempo. Meanwhile, the grape girl caresses my muscular chest while humming a melodic ditty. Their ministrations work, and soon I’m pumping my load down Kitty’s throat with a roar. Hey, I’m just a man, right? Any red-blooded dude would come under these circumstances.

“Fuck,” I bite out as jizz shoots deep into Kitty’s throat. She sucks devotedly, her lashes fluttering closed and a sweet smile coming onto her face as if my fluids are the best-tasting drink she’s ever had. But even this part is boring because it’s nothing that hasn’t happened a thousand times before. I’ve been in threesomes in the past, and frankly, even this is getting a little dull.

Meanwhile, the girls are finishing up. Kitty sucks me dry, then after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, comes to lie in the crook of my left elbow, while Morgan does the same on my right.

I let out a silent sigh. What the fuck is wrong with me? Any other man would give their right arm to be in my place. In fact, they’d offer up their first-born child too because for the past decade, this is how I’ve generally started my day. I dally with several beautiful women first thing in the morning, and then dismiss them for breakfast. Then, I head to my office for a solid couple hours of work before hitting the gym in the evening. Then more shenanigans with the women, before it’s time for bed. It’s a healthy routine because the sex clears my mind and helps me relax, physically at least.

But lately, I’ve been in a funk, although my chosen companions have no idea. Already, Morgan is stroking my still erect cock, about to climb on top of me. But I hold her back.

“Do you want me to go get one of the other girls instead?” she coos, caressing my washboard abs. “I don’t mind.”

I sigh heavily because the other girls she’s referring to is the group of twenty or so women who live in my mansion with me. My harem, as my friend Jake likes to call it, but that’s going a little too far because I don’t think of myself as an Ottoman sultan living in a glittering palace. Instead, I like to think of the women more as permanent house guests. Beautiful houseguests, for sure, who stay here rent-free for as long they like, teetering around in bikinis and high heels.

Of course, I make sure that life is good for them. They have everything they need and get to lounge by the pool, watch movies in the private theatre, or play naked ping pong in the game room. Yes, I’m intimate with some of them, but not all, and never more than a few of the women at any given time. I’m a virile man, but servicing twenty women at once would be too much, even for me.