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(Tyrant Dynasty #2) Tyrant Stalker

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Isabella Starling

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This isn't love. It's obsession.

She escaped me once, but she won't be that lucky this time. My little bird looks even prettier with the scar I carved into her cheek.
I watch her... I follow her... I wait for the right moment to take what's mine.
I ruined her life once, and now it's time to clip her wings and cage her.

Eight years ago, a sicko ruined my life. He cut me open and made me bleed, and I hid the truth to protect him.
Now, a scar marks me as damaged goods. That's why I stay in the shadows. I trust them.
Until they start talking back...
And the man who took my innocence comes back to stalk me.

Tyrant Stalker is a full-length dark romance novel from USA Today and Amazon bestselling author Isabella Starling.
Dove and Nox's story begins in Tyrant Twin, but you can read this book as a standalone.
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Tyrant Dynasty Series by Isabella Starling

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Isabella Starling



Every love story has an expiration date.

I believed mine had already expired. When I tumbled into that abyss below the cliffs, I thought my life was over. But I had a guardian angel watching over me. Too bad I wasn't worthy of fucking saving.

When I woke up, they told me I'd been in a coma for six years. Six fucking years of my life, wasted while I was plugged into machines that helped me breathe.

I asked about them first. Kade and June.

They told me they were alive and well with three children. I fucking hated them even more when I found out about that. But after finding out about their happily ever after I stopped giving a damn. There was still one person though, one addiction from my past I couldn't bring myself to let go.

That addiction had a name – Dove Canterbury. I fixated on her like I had done on June before. I slowly recovered, my thoughts filled with the desire to own her again. It was in part what helped me recover, giving me the strength to overcome all the difficulties of my new life.

But I did it. I got through it all with one person on my mind – the little bird that was the only one to escape my gilded cage unscathed. Well, not completely unscathed.

I smirk as I put out my cigarette under my boot. I'm standing in an alley facing a small house on the outskirts of LA. It's busy here, busy and fucking hot. But I don't give a shit about that. All my attention is focused on the door of that house, glued to it as I wait for the only inhabitant of 1490 Westwood Boulevard to show her pretty face.

It's fucking gut-wrenching. This moment could change the rest of my life, and hers. I know where she lives now. There will be no running anymore. I've got her right in the palm of my hand.

As I wait, I notice a purple butterfly land on the handle of her front door. She's like a Disney fucking princess too, apparently, attracting critters and shit.

The door opens and out she comes. Long, flowing dark locks, glossy, hiding her beautiful face. She doesn't wear makeup anymore, but she hasn't stopped trying. She carries herself like a woman that knows her worth, even though you'd never think it from her outfit. Baggy black clothes hide her body, but from where her wrists peek out, I can tell she's thin. Painfully so.

She looks so different than she used to. Gone is her light blonde hair, replaced with a pitch-black color. I think it's her natural hair, and it looks beautiful.

My cock hardens in my pants as I watch her leave the house. She’s carrying a small grocery bag in one hand. I’m curious as she heads into a side alley and I stay closely behind, breathing in the remnants of her scent as I follow her. I stay in the shadows, making sure she won't see me. I'm not going to expose myself so fast. No, I'm going to play Dove's mind like a goddamn instrument, pulling and playing with the strings until she's convinced she's going fucking insane. I can't fucking wait.

I watch her approach a homeless man in the alley and my fists tighten. I don't want her interacting with other men. But she doesn't seem afraid of the slumped figure on the ground. She offers him the grocery bag and they chat before she heads back home. My cock can't handle the sight of her. Six years of obsession, of dreaming about her for six goddamn years, are back to haunt me. And now she's here, the personification of all my desires, right here, at the touch of my fingertips.

I'm no longer Parker Miller. I stopped being the crazed, abused boy who was so angry at the world a long time ago. Now I'm Nox. I live in the night, in the shadows, and I'm never going to look for excuses for who I am anymore. My brother and his wife think I'm a monster. I think they're fucking right. And I'm done fighting what I should have admitted a long fucking time ago.

I watch Dove disappear back inside her house. I don't want to leave. The binds that tether me to her are pulling, taut and strong, reminding me she's the one who has the power here, because she holds my sick, twisted heart in the palm of her hand.

I fight the urge to palm my cock and turn my back to the house she lives in. I can't stay here for too long, can't risk her noticing. I have to stay in the shadows. I've been patient for so long, biding my time until I take her, steal her back, give her the home she deserves in a cage by my bed. I can keep waiting, as long as it fucking takes. Because I know she's going to end up as my goddamn property.