Witch’s Brew (Little Cakes #7) Read Online Pepper North, Paige Michaels

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Series: Little Cakes Series by Pepper North

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First impressions don’t have to be everything, right?

Officer Avery Reynolds knows she’s blown it when the driver she pulls over for a broken tail light turns out to be the police captain. Forced to work with her new boss during the craziness of Halloween night, she tries to fight her attraction to the charismatic man who seems to see right through her professional persona.
Trace Barnes knows cops so well he can spot both the good and bad ones instantly. Avery, however, intrigues him. She’s an incredible asset to his police force, but there’s something special about her. Behind her professional mask Trace knows she’s hiding a secret that rivals his own, if only he can dig deep enough to confirm it.

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Chapter One

“That one. It totally fits my mood.”

Ellie laughed as she reached into the display case to pull out this week’s feature cupcake for Officer Avery Reynolds. “Witch’s brew? Are you planning to cast a spell on anyone today?” she joked.

“I wish I could. It’s total chaos out there. Halloween’s in three days but all the school costume parties were today. The kids in town are hyped up on sugar. Their parents are frustrated. And the moon is full,” Avery informed her with a sigh.

“Yikes. I should warn you,” Ellie said as she put the cupcake in the box, “this frosting will turn your tongue and lips purple and black.”

Avery laughed, feeling lighter than she had when she entered the enchanting cupcake shop. Talk about spells. Little Cakes had a way of sprinkling magic on everyone who entered.

In fact, Ellie, the owner, and her coworkers joked that all you had to do was frequent the place and you were bound to find your forever Daddy soon. Lately that seemed to be true.

“What’s so funny?” Ellie asked, grinning as she took Avery’s money.

“Kids have been asking me all day if my uniform is a costume or if I’m really a cop. If I add purple and black lips, they’ll probably run from me thinking I’m a zombie police officer.”

Both women laughed.

Since there was a slight lull in the shop at the moment and no one was waiting behind Avery at the counter, she plucked the cupcake out of the box, peeled the wrapper back, and took a huge bite. She had missed lunch, and she was starving.

She moaned as she chewed, her eyes wide as she looked at Ellie. “What flavor is this? It’s delicious. I can’t identify it.”

Ellie giggled. “Witch’s brew, of course.”

Avery laughed too. “Fine. Don’t tell me. Keep your secrets. Maybe I’ll eat one of these every day this weekend and let people continue to think I’m a zombie cop.”

Ellie laughed harder. “I bet you’ll put the fear of God in anyone you pull over. Are you coming to Blaze tonight? The littles are having a costume contest.”

Avery nodded as she swallowed her second bite. It really was delicious. Maybe it had a secret potion and would give her superpowers that would attract the perfect Daddy to her.

Then again, what was she thinking? The last relationship she’d been in had gone terribly wrong and left her jilted and leery of all men. It had been two years, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to put herself back out there.

On the other hand, she was lonely. That’s why she’d finally started going to Blaze again after a long hiatus. “I’ll be there. If my shift ends up running late, I might be the Little dressed as a zombie cop,” she joked.

“Good. You can protect the princesses from the vampires and werewolves!” Ellie exclaimed with delight.

Avery felt much better as she finished off her cupcake and tossed the wrapper in the trash. “Maybe I should get another one of those for later so I can refresh my lipstick when it wears off.”

“Great idea.” Ellie boxed up the second treat and handed it to Avery. “This one’s on the house.”

“Thanks, Ellie. Have a great day. Watch out for witches and goblins and scarecrows and ninjas. They’re all over the place out there.” Avery waved over her shoulder as she left the shop to return to her shift.

Her partner, Wyatt, was waiting for her in the patrol car. She’d gone into Little Cakes to give him a few minutes of privacy on the phone with his Little, Lark.

“How’s Lark?” Avery asked as she slid into the driver’s seat.

“She’s good. She’s showing a house this afternoon. I like her to let me know when she’s with a client.”

“I can understand that.” Avery started the engine. “Safety first.”

“Is that a witch?” Wyatt asked as he spotted her cupcake through the window on the top of the box.


He glanced at her and back down. “If you haven’t eaten it yet, why are your lips purple and black?”

Avery flipped down the visor to look in the small mirror and groaned. She’d hoped Ellie had been exaggerating, but her mouth was totally black. Even the purple looked black. Great.

As she backed the patrol car out of the spot, she explained, “Don’t judge. I ate the first one. It was good. I got another one.” She shot him a glare. “And don’t even think of touching it. It’s mine. You said you didn’t want one.”

He laughed and held both hands up. “Never. I’m taking Lark to get a half dozen of them later today.”

As Avery drove out of the main section of town, she kept her eyes peeled on her surroundings. The kids had gotten out of school early. They were high on sugar from class parties, and she didn’t trust one of them not to dart out in front of a car.