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Claiming What's Theirs - MFM Shifter

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Jenika Snow

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A scarred woman running from her past…
Jessa Malone has endured five years of abuse from the one person she thought she could trust. And enough was enough.
But when her escape leads to an accident, Jessa found herself in an unfamiliar home with two very large men who aren’t exactly who they claim to be.
Two snow leopard shifting brothers have finally found their mate in the same woman…
Deacon and Thayer Uncia have lived in isolation for years, trying to control their inner animals.
When they found a wounded woman, they knew exactly who she was to them. Their mate.
Now the brothers just have to convince her that she belonged with them, and that their inner animals can’t survive without her.
But when Jessa’s past came back to haunt her, she needed to find the inner strength to defeat her nightmares, and finally get her happily ever after.
***Note: This book was previously published under the same title. It’s been reedited and recovered, but the story itself is the same. This is MFM that contains sensitive subject matter pertaining to DV.
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Jenika Snow



She did it. She really left him. Tears blurred her vision as she maneuvered the Honda along the twisting and turning road.

Jessa had no particular destination in mind, but getting as far away as possible from Paul was her first priority.

She had been driving for the past three hours, yet her tears continued to flow. Her chest hurt from the wracking sobs, and her eyes felt swollen. She had sworn to herself never again, but like a damn fool she had believed his words, believed that he wouldn’t hurt her again.

“You stupid, foolish girl!” She wiped angrily at her tears and turned the steering wheel sharply to the left.

The snow continued its steady assault on the little car. Slick roads and near whiteout conditions made it nearly impossible to keep control of the car. The smart thing for her to do was slow down, or better yet pull off to the shoulder until her emotions calmed, but all she kept seeing was Paul coming after her with the drunken look of rage in his eyes.

He would have killed her tonight. That much she was certain of.

The car fishtailed when she pumped her brakes to take another twisting turn down the mountain. Once she had the vehicle in control she forced her tears to stop. Why in the hell are you crying over him?

Take away the facts she had been with him for the past five years and he was the only man she had been with in every sense of the word, Paul Madden was an abusive, alcoholic asshole who liked to use her as a punching bag.

She should have left him the first time he raised his hand to her. Hell, she should have kicked his ass to the curb when she found out he cheated on her with her so called best friend. But no, she had to be some kind of masochistic moron.

“Never again.” Straightening her shoulders, she told herself over and over again that she would never be the docile woman who stood back and let a man walk all over her.

She was starting her life over. With no family to fall back on, she was all on her own, but that was something she was looking forward to, especially after the life she had lived with Paul.

With only three hundred dollars to her name and a handful of clothes thrown haphazardly in a bag, Jessa didn’t know how much of a new life she could have.

Leaving had obviously not been planned, and even though she didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, a huge weight had already been lifted off her shoulders. Paul would never again control her. That was for damn sure.

She slammed her hand on the steering wheel over and over again until her palms ached. Opening her mouth, she let out the scream that had been festering inside of her for the past five years. The tires caught a slick strip of black ice and did a complete one-eighty.

The air left her lungs as she braced herself for the inevitable crash. The side of the car made impact, and everything went dark.



Deacon crouched low, the snow blending in with his thick coat of fur. His ears twitched, picking up every little sound. A bird was nestling in a tree, and a rabbit scurried several feet away.

He could have gone for the rabbit, but he needed to bring home something more substantial than that. The buck was no more than twenty feet from him, its body tensed and its nose twitching.

Yeah, it knew he was stalking it, knew that there was something bigger and faster out there just waiting for the right opportunity.

Pressing his body closer to the ground, he felt his whiskers twitch as the scent of blood permeated his senses. As he shifted to his side, a twig snapped beneath his heavy paw, causing the buck to dart off into the woods.

Deacon’s body tensed to go after it, but there was something inside of him that tensed, calling out to him to leave his dinner and find out what caused the thick scent of blood. He inhaled deeply again, and a low growl tore through his chest.

A human female was hurt, that much he could decipher. The scent of her blood was sweet in the frigid air, calling out to the primal side of him, the wild animal that was a predator by nature.

Moving to the middle of nowhere was supposed to help calm the raging beast inside of him, and as the years passed he found himself seeking solace in his solitary confinement.

Deacon found that it didn’t matter how many years went by, or how deep his animal burrowed inside of him, when the scent of fresh blood teased his senses, everything inside of him went on high alert, and his beast roared in triumph.