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Benji “Grey” Madden preferred his computers to most people, but he'd do anything for the Silver Saints. Including fly almost halfway across the country for the baby sitting duty his president assigned to him and his club brother. Only he never expected to kidnap his charge's best friend and claim her as his own. But one look at Lorelei Hansley, and he knew he'd found the woman who was meant to be his.

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“I hate the fucking cold,” Cash grumbled as we stomped up to the door of a big, fancy ski cabin and shook the snow off our boots.

He’d been a riot of fucking fun since we left the Silver Saints MC compound. I didn’t blame him for being in a shit mood, though. We’d basically been relegated to babysitting duty. Not exactly the kind of assignment you would expect for an MC Tail Gunner and a world-class hacker.

But our prez, Mac, had ordered us to go to Aspen and retrieve Karina. Our brother, Knight, wanted protection for his old lady’s sister since there was shit goin’ down with her family. The fool had refused to come to us on her own, so here we were, trudging through the fucking snow on Christmas Eve to pick up the stubborn-ass girl. Although we usually sent a prospect to do this, I couldn’t blame Knight for wanting patched-in brothers to handle the girl’s safe transport.

Still, Cash’s mood was grumpier than usual. He raised his fist and pounded against the wood door. I sighed and reached across his front to press the doorbell. “Gonna scare her off if you don’t stop acting like a hungry grizzly,” I muttered.

Before he could reply, the door swung open to reveal a pixie with long blond hair, big blue eyes, and a curvy body that I could see other guys drooling over. I hadn’t had an interest in women for a while, and this chick didn’t inspire a reaction in my body either, but judging by how Cash had suddenly gone still, it was a good bet the same wasn’t true for him.

“Damn,” I breathed. Cash’s hand shot out and shoved me off the porch into a large snowdrift. “Oomph! Shit!” I stumbled but managed not to fall on my ass. When I found my balance, I glanced back and forth between Karina and Cash and almost laughed. He looked like he’d been struck by lightning.

Another fallen brother. I didn’t know what it was about this MC, but the guys all seemed to fall for their women in the blink of an eye. I’d scoffed about it at first, but they were all sickeningly happy, so what the fuck did I know?

Plus, the girl—who I assumed was Karina, considering how much she looked like Knight’s only lady, Kiara—was looking at Cash all dreamy-eyed and shit.

“Hi,” she said softly, her lips curving into a flirty smile.

“Hey,” Cash responded, his tone gruff.

I rolled my eyes at his back. What did I say about the hungry grizzly?

Disappointment filled her features, and I almost stepped in so Cash would send her running. But he spoke again before I got the chance.

“You Karina?”

She cocked her head to the side and studied Cash with a wary expression. “Yes.”

“Cash.” He tilted his head toward me. “Grey.”

Her brow furrowed a little, looking confused as well as anxious.

“We’re Silver Saints.”

Karina’s whole body stiffened, and anger took over her features. I almost grinned at the fire in her eyes. Cash was gonna have his hands full with this one.

“I’m not going with you,” she snapped.

“It’s cold as fuck out here, sunshine. How about we talk inside?” Cash grunted.

“We can talk here,” she insisted, raising her chin to a stubborn angle.

Despite her determined tone, she shivered. Cash obviously noticed it too because he grabbed her around the waist, ignored her gasp, and lifted her out of our way so we could walk into the cabin.

Once inside, I ambled over to one of the sofas in the open living room and plopped down on it to watch the sparks flying between the couple. They argued about her coming with us. Cash didn’t want to explain, and Karina refused to budge until she had answers. Finally, she whipped around, stomped into another room, and slammed the door. The click of the lock practically echoed in the silence.

“Damn,” I said again, staring at the locked door and trying not to laugh. “She’s got some fire.”

“Mine,” Cash snapped.

I raised an eyebrow at the level of possessiveness in that one word. Not that I was surprised with how the rest of our club brothers acted around their women. “I figured.”

Just then, the knob on the front door jiggled. In seconds, Cash and I were in front of the hard surface, guns drawn and ready to take on any danger behind it.