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The Nurturing Center is facility where littles can go to start over from a deeply regressed stage. When they’re ready, they are matched up with caregivers who live in the gated community behind The Center, a safe place reserved strictly for age play.

Mindy has known she enjoys age play for a long time. She practices her preferred kink at home and at her favorite club, nearly all the time she’s not at work. She’s never had a Daddy, but she thinks she’d like one. If only she were brave enough to put herself out there.

Tricia has been keeping an eye on the adorable Little who sometimes gets frightened at the local club. When Tricia finally intervenes, she discovers that Mindy would really benefit from The Nurturing Center. Convincing her to make a commitment to a new way of life is easy. Helping Mindy realize it’s not a Daddy she needs but Mommy might take some time.

The books in this series include thorough medical examinations as well as strong elements of age play, including diapers, bottle feedings, spankings, and other forms of discipline. If these aspects of age play offend you, this may not be the book or series for you.

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“Hey, Little one…” The soothing female voice infiltrated Mindy’s mind, slowly bringing her out of a deep sleep. She recognized the voice as Nurse Kay’s, so she was only confused about where she was for a moment.

Her brain computed she was in The Nurturing Center where she’d moved about eight weeks ago. As she blinked her eyes open, however, she was surprised to realize she wasn’t in her crib in her private nursery. It wasn’t morning. She was in the main nursery where she spent most of every day playing with other Littles while waiting for a forever Daddy to adopt her.

“Is naptime over?” she asked needlessly as she rubbed her eyes and stretched in the baby seat.

“It sure is, sweetie.” Nurse Kay tickled her bare foot as she smiled.

Mindy looked around. The large nursery was almost empty. There were no Littles. The only people were the three grownups staring at her. All three of them were sitting on the floor next to her seat.

Mindy pushed slightly more upright so she could look around better. “Where is everyone?”

Dr. Farwell, the main doctor at The Center, spoke next. “You had a very long nap, Little one. They’ve all gone back to their own nurseries for the night.”

She blinked in confusion as she turned her attention to Eleanor. The kind woman worked in the main nursery every day. She made sure all the Littles were well supervised and fed. There were others who worked there, but she was in charge.

Mindy swallowed. “How did I sleep so long? Why didn’t anyone wake me?” She started trembling, nervous. Something was off.

Eleanor sat to her right side, and she reached out to take her hand to give it a squeeze. “You were tired, sweet girl. Don’t you worry. You’re not in any trouble.”

“Why are you all here then?” She sucked in a breath, wondering if maybe someone had finally shown an interest in her and wanted to adopt her. “Did a Daddy choose me?”

Dr. Farwell’s brow furrowed slightly as he answered her. “Have you met with any Daddies, Little one?” he asked gently.

It kind of hurt her feelings because he knew the answer to that. Nothing happened in The Nurturing Center without his knowledge. “No.” She tried not to sound snotty. She looked down at her hands and fidgeted them, mumbling, “Maybe someone liked me without talking to me.”

Maybe I’m pretty. Maybe I’m desirable. Maybe a Daddy knew at one glance he wanted me and didn’t even need to discuss it with me.

Mindy knew none of that was true, but she could dream.

“Is that what you want, Little one?” Dr. Farwell’s voice was always calm and reassuring, but it was uncharacteristically careful tonight. “What if I told you a Daddy had asked for you? How would that make you feel?”

His questions confused her. After all, finding a Daddy and living happily ever after as his Little girl was the entire reason for her existence and why she’d gone through the program here at The Center.

She was Little. She’d known that for a long time. Much longer than her stay at The Center. She’d known it for years. She’d kept that feeling to herself for several years before finding and joining a fetish club where she could finally be herself without worrying about being judged.

Now she was here. The promise of a forever Daddy had been part of the lure. The decision hadn’t been difficult. She’d basically divorced herself from her family a long time ago. She didn’t have close friends or relatives she cared to speak of.

She had this. She loved being Little. The opportunity to do so fulltime and live in her authentic skin had been something she could not pass up.