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HarlanI was minding my own business when my life started with a little thief in my store. She stole from my shelves and then stole my heart. I convinced her to come home with me while my plan centered around how to keep her. Is torture having the thing you want the most within your grasp, but being unable to touch it or perish in prison,The minute that clock strikes midnight she is mine in all ways and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me. Now I need all of her secrets and fears so I can slay them and bring her peace.JulepMy life has been one letdown and one fight after another. I have had no one I can count on or depend on since before I can remember. But I have Lili, my little sister that I love more than anything in the world and I am going to give us both something better. The problem is to do that, I have to leave her and go on an adventure.When the solution to our problem doesn't go as planned, everything changes. A man I don't know gives me hope but is it misplaced? Can i trust him? My heart sure thinks so.

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Two Weeks Ago

“Are you really doing this, Jules? I mean how do you think you are going to get away with it?” I stop writing to look at the cute face of my twelve year old sister Lili. Right now it is scrunched up like an angry bull dog, but normally when she is smiling everything glows around her.

“I am, little sis. I have to.” She shakes her head and puts her hand on her hip.

“Why?” I take a deep breath trying to figure out how much to tell her. I have been looking out for her since child protective services came and took us from our parents home and dumped us in foster care two years ago. It has been a battle trying to keep it together, which of course she doesn't know.

“It is the only way I can get us out of here.” I decide to tell her the truth without telling her the truth. The truth being the social worker informed me that I am aging out in four weeks. When I turn eighteen I am going to be out on my ass, leaving my sister in the system alone. Without a job and a place to live, I cannot show the court I can be responsible for her.

“But you are not eighteen yet, Jules. How are you going to get married?” She is too smart for her own good. She accidentally saw the mail order bride ad in my jacket the other night and she has been on my back ever since.

“You don’t worry about that. I have it all figured out.” More like I have it illegally handled by way of a very sketchy guy I met last named Ned who gave me a fake I.D. and birth certificate that says I am eighteen.

“That doesn’t make me feel better,” she says, shaking her cute little head. Instead of answering her, I kiss her cheek and get back to what I am doing.

I found this ad in the corner store a few days ago, pinned to the wall of the newspaper stand. I was positive it was a hoax at first but then I looked the town up on the internet and found out it was real. I didn’t know people still did mail order brides. I mean sure I read it in a few books by some instalove authors, but in real life, well needless to say I jumped at it. If I can convince the mayor, Lloyd Hollow, that I am eighteen and he matches me, this could be the answer to both of our prayers. Hopefully it turns out how I hope.

Chapter One


Present Day

“Mike, can you stock the condiment shelf and then unload the shipment of bread.”

“Sure thing boss,” he calls from the other side of the store. Standing, I find myself looking around at my place, my domain, my own little piece of heaven and I smile. I own the general store in this town, which is really a small town way of saying a jack of all trades store. We sell everything from kitchen staples to basic appliances like blenders and clothes. Not fancy city folk clothes but rain ponchos, flannel shirts and dungarees. We even have winter gear.

My family started this store decades ago and it has passed down from generations and I take pride in every inch of it and normally it is enough to sustain me. But lately something's changed. It started six months ago when the bride matching started and I watched one by one as my friends were matched with their brides. I watched them turn into sappy, soft assholes who worship their women and it hit me square in the chest.