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What do you do when you’re handed your dream opportunity? You take it!

Life couldn’t get any better. Running Curvy Cuties Magazine with my four besties is awesome! As editor, I’m living my best life. There’s only one cloud in my beautiful, blue sky and his name is Lucas Templeton IV. He’s a little salty that his mother gave us the magazine for free and I’m in the path of his fury. Lucky me.
I swear my mom is losing her mind. Giving away a multi-million dollar magazine to a bunch of girls? What was she thinking? Hopefully, I can convince the editor to listen to reason so we can avoid a costly legal battle. But one look at the curvy beauty and my plan goes south. I thought losing my grandfather’s company was scary but that’s nothing compared to the terror I feel when I realize I just lost my heart.
What happens when Mr. Uptight meets his shy, curvy heart thief? He seizes the opportunity.
Looking for over-the-top heroes falling hard for their curvy women? Loni promises cute, quick insta-love romance with a touch of humor.

*Please note this story was previously published under the pen name Lacey Landry. The content is unchanged.*

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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

— Will Rogers


Ignoring everyone else in the packed room, I storm straight to my mother. Her bright blue eyes widen dramatically when I growl, “I’d like a word with you in private.” I spin and push open the first door behind us and thunder into the room. How the hell has my day gone downhill so fast?

Twenty minutes ago, I was sitting in my downtown office debating whether or not to call it an early day and head home. Now, I’m about to read my mother the riot act for her asinine decision. Who gives away a multi-million-dollar magazine? To five young twits? For free? God, I need a drink.

My mother’s floral perfume fills the small office after I slam the door shut, and I take several deep breaths to bring myself under control. Turning, I blast my crazy parent. “What in the hell are you thinking?” As my outraged voice echoes across the room, I feel my blood pressure rising.

An angry blush moves up her pale skin as she sputters, “Lucas Wylder Templeton.” Anger intensifies her southern accent. “How dare you raise your voice at me!”

I pinch the bridge of my nose while trying to gain control of my emotions. Dealing with Ms. Milly takes a special touch and yelling won’t accomplish my goal. “Mother.” I swallow and grit my teeth. My back molars will be nubs by the time this is over. “We need to discuss your decision,” I calmly state.

My mother blinks a couple of times before fiddling with her heirloom pearls. “There’s nothing to talk about.” She shrugs. “I’m retiring and giving Ms. Southern to the girls.” She smiles brightly, ignoring my concerns, and my anger roars back full force. “They’ve already proven themselves.”

“You’ve put five twits in charge,” I roar, and my mother gasps. “Without even discussing it with me.”

A knock on the door interrupts us. My stomach clenches when the door opens. Swallowing, I blink several times and lock my knees in an attempt to stay on my feet. She’s spectacular. The most stunning woman I’ve ever seen. Her perfect, curvy body sends hunger shooting through me, and I barely resist the urge to groan as my cock thumps hungrily against my zipper. Long, pale blonde hair hangs in ringlets around her delicate face, and I envision wrapping it around my fist as I plow into her tight pussy from behind. Shaking my head, I wonder where in the hell these crazy thoughts are coming from. I’m losing my mind. There’s just no other explanation. Her emerald green eyes spit fire at me, and I wonder how much of our argument she overheard. The gorgeous blonde ignores me and looks over at my mother. “Ms. Milly, we’re ready to take pictures.”

“All right, my dear.” As my mother brushes past me, she stops to hiss next to my ear, “Stay and keep your opinions to yourself, and we’ll talk when I’m done, or you can leave.”

There’s no way I’m leaving now. Not until I meet the woman who blindsided me. And I need to talk to my batshit crazy mother. My heart squeezes in my chest when the very unwelcome thought occurs to me. I’m trying to convince my mother to rethink her decision and reverse this transaction. If I succeed, I’ll become enemy number one to the girl who knocked me off my feet. Cool, analytical thinking is battling with my heart right now, and I’m not sure what the fuck is happening to me.

I stand in the back of the room and watch the photographer pose my mother with the five women. When my phone buzzes in my pocket, I check the message. Dillon, my best friend and business partner, is looking for an update on the Ms. Southern situation, but he’ll have to wait. I have more important things to worry about right now. The curvy blonde glaring holes through me is at the top of my list.

A few minutes later, the photographer calls it a day and packs his equipment as the room clears out, and I stand in the corner debating my options. I’m dying to talk to the gorgeous blonde alone, but the frequent glares she keeps throwing my way aren't reassuring. A short, adorable brunette is talking to my mother across the room. They continue their conversation for a few moments before turning to walk into the same office we used earlier. My mother mouths something at me, and I realize she’s warning me not to make trouble. Little does she know, I’m too busy trying to figure out this strange feeling that’s invaded my chest.

The stunning blonde smiles as she shakes the photographer’s hand, and I fight the urge to rip his hand away from hers. I’ve officially lost my fucking mind. After he leaves, she walks over to me. My heart pounds loudly in my ears as she stands within touching distance. I clench my fists at my sides to keep from reaching for her. “My mother didn’t introduce us earlier.” I smile at her. “I’m Lucas Templeton, but my friends call me Wild.” I hold my hand out, but she ignores it and the strange pain in my chest intensifies.