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Pure Temptation - Priceless Book Series

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Lucy Darling

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She thinks I’m a rule follower. Or, maybe more precisely, a rule enforcer. I suppose I do like things by the book. Straight-laced? Sure. Or I had been before I saw the pink-haired beauty tending bar and realized for her I’d break all the rules.
She quickly becomes my obsession, and I admit I may take my interest in her a little far. Breaking the same laws I’d enforced on others. But I only watch her to keep her safe, to keep her close, and to make sure no one tries to take what’s mine.
My reputation for being a straight arrow may be ruining my chance with Addilyn. I have to show her that I’m the man for her, no matter what. And I will, because Addilyn is the only woman I will ever love.
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Lucy Darling



I’m only checking things out.

That’s the lie I tell myself as I pull into the parking lot of the Raven’s MC club. The giant warehouse sits north of where they’re mining for gold. They own a shit ton of land now that they’ve acquired old man McGuire’s land that sat adjacent to theirs.

The Ravens aren’t your typical motorcycle club who deal in criminal activity. Well, not anymore, anyway. They actually cleaned house when the old president died and his son took his place.

Jason Adair.

A retired Marine, who is now also my brand-new brother-in-law. I’m still trying to get used to that shit. He swears he’s nothing like his father. Everything he’s shown so far holds true to that.

As much as I want to hate the fucker for not only marrying my baby sister, Ollie, but knocking her up too, even I have to admit he’s been a stand-up guy. He treats her like a queen. He also saved her ass when she got herself mixed into shit she shouldn’t have been a part of. I will forever be in his debt for that.

Ollie had gone poking around with her best friend Vee, trying to find one of our skips that had jumped bail that our family company, Hart Bonds, had put up. Ollie’s job was to do paperwork, not field work because of how dangerous these situations can become. We didn’t even let her little ass talk to clients. She got it in her head she needed to do more. And once she gets an idea, there is no stopping her. Especially when she teams up with Vee.

The skip, Eddie Harris, who the MC Club called Copper, had been known to hang out at the Ravens’ warehouse. We knew that it wouldn’t be wise to go onto the Adair Mines land to take him in, so we were trying to wait him out. Not that they would have even let us in the front door back then. Especially with me still being active with the Silver Springs PD.

Ollie must have heard me discussing this with my father and my brother Ben. So she decided to hatch a plan to get intel from inside the warehouse. To be honest, it wasn’t much of a plan, and she put herself and Vee in danger doing what she did. If it weren’t for Jason and his best friend and business partner, Archer, who knows what would have happened to my sister and Vee that night? I shake that thought from my head.

So many things have changed so quickly. I’m a man of routine. I like things to be in order and to be planned. So all of these changes have me feeling unsettled. But seeing Ollie with Jason and Vee with Archer has done something to me. It has nothing to do with the vibrant girl with the pink hair that works inside the Raven’s club. Not a single thing. That’s what I’ve been trying to convince myself for a while now.

I spot the little pink-haired pixie's car parked all the way at the end of the parking lot. I grit my teeth, pulling my SUV down the lot to slide into the empty spot next to her damn car that’s seen better days. It’s not hard to get a spot next to her when she’s parked so damn far from the door.

When she leaves here, it’s going to be well past midnight. My normal irritation when it comes to her starts to grow. She has a way of digging her way under my skin. She’s been there since the first time I spotted her tiny ass dancing on top of the bar inside the warehouse, pouring shots right into people’s mouths. She’s not even fucking twenty-one.

Her age is another reason she shouldn’t be under my skin. Especially since I gave Jason so much shit because of the age difference between him and my sister, telling him he was too damn old for her. Now here I am being a damn hypocrite. That’s only if I act on all these feelings I’m having.

Who am I kidding? It’s only a matter of time before it happens. Each day, more of my resolve crumbles when it comes to Pink. I slip from my SUV, the invisible string that always pulls me toward her yanking away at me. I get a few dirty looks when I enter, but no one is going to stop me from coming in. I’m sure it’s awkward for a few of the members I’ve arrested in the past. But I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere if I was worried about that.

Hell, over a decade ago, my own dad arrested their president. Yeah, that didn’t go so well when Ollie told Dad who she was dating. Now, Dad pretty much sees Jason as a son. I’m not there yet, though. Then again, Dad went and fell for Jason’s mom, so he doesn’t have much of a choice at this point.