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Davrik is a Kindred warrior who lost his beloved wife in a shuttle crash five years ago. Unwilling to accept her loss, he embarks on a mission to find her doppelganger in alternate universes. Sonya, trapped in a world devoid of love, becomes the center of his desperate rescue mission.

Captured by the Scourge and sold to an alien brothel, Sonya's life has taken a dark turn. When Davrik arrives, offering salvation, she is overjoyed at first. But that’s before she discovers a secret that shatters her heart and changes everything she thought she knew.

Lan’ara, an Empath Kindred, senses the emotions of others. Guided by her connection with Nate, a captured ex-Navy Seal, she races against time to save him from the brink of destruction. But Nate is suffering from severe PTSD, which makes him a danger to everyone around him. Can Lan’ara's unique abilities can offer him a chance at healing?

As both couples navigate their separate paths towards redemption, they converge in a final confrontation. Facing the malevolent AllFather's tyranny, they must join forces to overcome the darkness that threatens to consume them all.

In "Rescued," the 30th installment of the Brides of the Kindred series, follow these two couples as they battle their own demons, find love against all odds, and confront a danger beyond imagination. Will they emerge victorious, or will they succumb to a fate worse than death? Find out in this captivating, spicy sci-fi romance that intertwines D/s, wounded warriors, and an enemies-to-lovers journey.

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“Commander Davrik, I understand how deeply the loss of your wife affected you—it is an unimaginable pain,” Commander Sylvan said gently to the large male sitting across from him. “But I don’t know if searching for her double in another universe is the answer.”

Davrik took a deep breath, trying to control his emotions. Since losing his beautiful wife five years before in a shuttle crash, his sole purpose has been to get her back. Some might say this was an impossible goal, but it was all that kept Davrik going. And now it seemed he had finally found a way—but he had to convince the Head of the Kindred High Council first.

“Please, Commander,” he said to Sylvan, who had a look of deep sympathy on his face. “If only you knew how things were between Sonya and me. Our Bond went deeper than most.”

“Oh? How so?” Sylvan arched an eyebrow at him.

“We…she…” Davrik ran a hand through his thick black hair, trying to think how to explain the special relationship he’d had with his lost mate. He could still see her in his mind’s eye—her petite, curvy figure and her smooth brown skin, the long ringlets of her black hair hanging down to the small of her back. Her big brown eyes were like pools of melted chocolate—an Earth confection she had loved.

“We had what the humans call a D/s relationship,” he said at last. “That is, I was her Dominant and Sonya was my submissive.”

Sylvan frowned.

“Are you referring to the human practice of BDSM? Where one partner has control over the other and the situation brings them both sexual pleasure?”

“In a way, but it was more than that,” Davrik said. “Sonya let me care for her. I would choose her clothes…dress her…bathe her…cuddle her. She used to have night terrors and when she woke screaming, I would hold her in my arms like a child and soothe her. She gave herself to me—completely and with perfect trust.” He shook his head. “I cannot explain it better than that.”

Sylvan nodded.

“That does sound like a unique relationship.”

“It was.” Davrik said. “Sonya…she was incredibly intelligent—she taught Musical Theory at the human university. She had what the humans call ‘perfect pitch’ and she was held in high esteem by all her colleagues and superiors but when we were home together, she was different with me. She was my…” His voice dropped. “I used to call her ‘baby girl’. We were so close—our very souls were entwined.”

He put a hand over his face briefly, remembering the way Sonja had melted in his embrace, giving herself completely to be comforted and loved and cradled in his arms. Missing her was like having a gaping hole in his chest—the ragged remains of what was left of his heart.

Most Kindred warriors didn’t survive the loss of their spouse—the Soul Bond that tied them together was so strong that the demise of one’s mate often pulled the warrior into the void with her. But somehow Davrik had lived even after his beloved Sonya had died. If you could call the existence he was currently enduring “living,” he thought grimly.

“Please, Commander,” he said raggedly. “You don’t know what it’s like—food has no taste, the sweetest flower has no smell. And as for music…” He shook his head. Music had been their love language—the many times they sang together, Davrik harmonizing with his mate’s beautiful contralto voice. Now he couldn’t even bear to listen to anything resembling a melody—it was too damn painful.