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Peter nods as wetness forms at his crotch and a stream of piss puddles on the floor. “Yes. Yes.”

Lorne releases him. “Clean up your mess before you go.”

Lorne laughs as Peter looks at him in confusion. “You’re not my puppy, Peter, and you certainly aren’t the little dog of the owner of this disgusting room. You made a mess, so it’s only appropriate for you to clean it.

Peter nods. “Oh, okay. Let me get a cloth.”

Lorne laughs. “Why, Peter? You have a perfectly good tongue. Get to work.”

Peter falls to his knees, his hands on either side of the puddle of urine. He stares up at Lorne in a final silent plea, begging him not to have to go through with such a humiliating act.

Lorne shakes his head. “There’s no forgiveness here, only damnation.”

Peter's pink tongue falls out, and the first licks of urine glide from the floor into his mouth.

Lorne kicks his foot underneath Peter’s chin, directing his head. “Think you missed a spot, Peter. All of it.”

Peter gags as he cleans up the rest of his piss from a floor that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for the past year.

A snicker. My eyes land back on Cas. He’s holding a joint and leaning against the door frame, smirking like a Cheshire cat while he witnesses Peter's humiliation. I know this isn’t the end of it.

“Good boy, Peter,” Lorne says in a condescending tone, like a grandmother speaking to her little dog. “Now, get the fuck out of here.”

“I get to kill him, right,” Cas asks as he blows out circles, creating a smoky haze in the room.

“Follow him. Make sure he does as he’s told.”

Cas stomps his feet. “I get to kill him, right?”

“Yes, Cas, you get to kill him. I just wanna make sure you’re not stupid about it.”

My gaze shifts back to the curvaceous beauty. “What are we gonna do with her?”

Lorne sighs as he lights a cigarette and approaches the temptress. The red ember from the tip of his cigarette glows like a flame as he takes a drag and glides one finger along the sleeping girl's lips. “We’re gonna get her out of our system.”

Chapter 10


I’ve never seen Declan so much as glance at a woman before. He’s always there when Cas and I fuck a girl. He gets off on it, and sometimes he’ll fuck Cas or me or ask one of us to fuck him while he watches the other fuck the girl.

But he never touches the woman.

He’s got some fucked up thing about women. We thought it was taken care of when we killed his aunt, but it was so deeply embedded in him, he’s suffered his entire life. Declan hates women. He thinks they’re the personification of evil and that nothing good can come from falling in love with one. It’s fucked up, considering how religious he is, and the point of most religions is to procreate and multiply. But Declan has some deep-seated trauma caused by a woman who was supposed to protect him.

The first word he learned was “Devil,” with a finger pointed at him. And that was after being traumatized by a junkie mother who would sell him to the highest bidder for the thinnest crack rock or a hit of heroin.

I take a drag of my cigarette and stare at him. He’s not standing by the door anymore. He’s now at the side of the bed, looking at the girl. Her tits are exposed, and her dress has ridden high on her thighs.

That fucker was about to fucking do something to her. I realize how fucked up it is because Declan is touching her the same way Peter would have, and I don’t care. Because, unlike Peter, we don’t want her for any reason other than we crave her.

Declan’s touch on her skin is right. It even seems divine. I never claimed to be a fucking good guy with morals. I’m just a guy who will do anything I fucking want and protect those I love and those who are mine. Little Snow doesn’t know she’s ours, but she will soon enough. She’s the queen of our hellscape, the center of the trinity. The earth that grounds us.

“Burn the memory of her body in your mind through touch. This is what the pearly gates will look like. She’s the path to paradise.”

I expect Declan to tell me no. That there are some sins he won’t commit. But to my shock, he brushes the tip of his index finger along her hard nipple. Fuck, the girls got the hottest tits I’ve ever seen, with the prettiest pink nipple on top like the perfect cherry on a Sundae. So huge that I want to be smothered by them,

I step away from the wall toward Declan. I press my hand against his dick bulging in his pants as I grind my growing erection into his ass. “You hard, Dec? Because my cock is about to bust out of my pants watching you touch her. Pull up her dress, Dec. She’s sleeping. It’s the perfect time. Take a bite of the apple, Declan, and be free. Be like God. Know every pleasure and experience every sin.”