The Hunt – Darkly Ever After MMMF Read Online Mila Crawford

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Declan falls forward, his tongue out like a cat desperate for water.

“Suck her clit, Dec. She’s so fucking sweet,” Cas murmurs as his tongue darts in and out of her hole.

I drop the belt and grip the back of Declan’s head to hold him in place as I bend to join them. One lick of her pussy, and I’m a goner. She’s a drug I’ll crave for the rest of my life. I’ll gladly die of an overdose so long as it's from savoring her. Her flavor is distinct, hypnotic, and addictive.

Cas glides one finger in her pussy as his tongue meets mine and Declan’s by her clit. I move my hand and join his finger with one of mine. We move back and forth, and her hips buck against us. Declan moans, and it vibrates along her pussy. He, too, pushes a finger into her cunt, and we work her pussy in unison until her legs stiffen.

“I want you to drench us, Sunshine,” Cas growls as his finger moves along mine and curls to hit her G-spot. “I want to drink until I’m full.”

She screams as all three of us apply pressure. She bucks beneath us to be free, but that isn’t going to happen. And then the first sprays of her cum splash us in the face.

I grip Declan’s hair and bring him down to her cunt, watching as her pussy drenches his face. “This is divine. It’s the only holy water you should concern yourself with.”

Chapter 16


My entire being wants this girl. No, needs her. Like I need my next breath. Every ounce of restraint I’ve held onto crumbles to dust. I drink her into me like I’m taking the sacrament of Christ, discovering the Holy Grail within her folds. With each lash of my tongue on her clit, I draw one step closer to God.

Her voice. I can never escape that voice.

They are lies, Declan. It’s the devil’s work trying to deceive you. You’re a sinful boy with sinful urges. Cast out your demons. Beat them to ensure they leave you be. She’s tempting you. They all tempt you.

I jump off the bed and scamper to the corner of the room. Cas and Lorne don’t notice that my tongue is no longer entwined with theirs. Before me is a vision of Sodom and Gomorrah, naked bodies, and depravity. My cock aches with the need for release. It unleashes the burden she’s caused in our lives. The beast within me wants to ravish her, to fuck her until she passes out, to rip her apart. I want to ruin her and use her body until I’ve had my fill.

“Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

Cas’s head shoots up, and he glares at me. “Not this shit again.”

My eyes form into slits as I glare at him. It’s so easy for him to live in the moment, to fuel his body on pure lust. Cas is the human embodiment of the deadly sins. He doesn’t treat his body as a temple, a sacred vessel that belongs to God. Cas’s life is one huge indulgence.

He stands, and his large frame seems bigger than life. His steps are an earthquake about to pull me under. “Fuck that bitch. Fuck every fucking thing her cunt ass said to you.”

I turn away, but he grips my chin and moves my head back, forcing me to look into his eyes. “I didn’t drill holes in her eyes so she could live rent-free in your head.”

Flashes of her mangled body appear in my mind. The mixed emotions I felt that day still fester in my heart. By killing her, Cas and Lorne freed me from her shackles, but a part of me also felt sorrow because she was the only mother I ever knew. “She was trying to save me. To show me the path to God.”

Cas’s arm is on my throat. He doesn’t blink as he slams my body against the wall with one large arm, holding me still. I flinch as his other hand viciously grips my cock. “That cunt showed you shit. She took a traumatized little boy who was found sitting in shit and vomit after his whore mother and drug dealer father decided they loved heroin more than their kid, and instead of helping you heal, she beat you.”

“We are all born of sin. She was trying to cure me of the evil I came from.”

Cas flips me so my stomach is against the wall and my back is to his chest. His finger moves up and down my ass crack. “Give me a fuckin’ break. You were a kid. Kids don’t know good and evil. They’re taught that shit by the fucking assholes who raise them. Your mother was strung out, and your dad was a low-life piece of shit. But your aunt, that cunt was the worst of them all. I regret not making her suffer more. I should have fucked her cunt with the drill and cut her nipples off while doing it.”